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Best Fresh Dog Food Delivery Services 2021
Care for your furry friends
Get the best for your dog with fresh meals delivered to your door.
Enjoy shinier coats, healthier digestive systems, and a more energetic dog with a nutritious, fresh food diet.
2021's Best Fresh Dog Food
Get the best for your pets with fresh food meals delivered
straight to your pet door
2021's Best Fresh
Dog Food Services
Why is Fresh Food the Best for Your Dog
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings
With loyalty like that, is it any wonder that pet parents will do just about anything for their beloved canines? We'll wake up early (even on a Saturday) to take them for walks, go miles out of our way to find their favorite chew toy, and spend endless hours doing nothing but making them happy. Why? Because they are our dogs, and we love them with all our hearts.
That’s the truth of the matter, which is why it astounds me to see caring pet parents feeding their canine companions something that you’d find mixed in to make your astroturf stronger (true stuff). There are already numerous studies that have been published clearly stating that fresh dog food provides your pup with a whole slew of health benefits.
Before we show you why fresh dog food delivery is the right choice for your prized pup, let's just take a look at some of the alternatives.
Fresh Dog Food Alternative #1: Kibble
Kibble is any form of dry dog food. It comes in massive bags you can order from a dog food delivery service and is dried, making it a good option for long-term storage. For this reason, kibble is one of the most popular choices for pet parents to feed their hungry pups. Great, right? Wrong. Once you know what goes into that kibble, you won't even want it in your home, let alone in your dog's stomach.
For starters, kibble is made from feed-grade ingredients. That means that any type of animal byproducts can be put into the batch, including diseased animal carcass parts, roadkill, and non-USDA-certified products.
Next, take a look at the ingredients listed. You might not recognize most of the names. That’s because there are tons of chemicals, including acrylamide and other carcinogens, carrageenan, added dyes (many of which are banned for human consumption), and other harmful chemicals. And we don’t have to tell you the health problems that can be caused by these chemicals.
Dry kibble also has a low-moisture level, causing loss of appetite, reduced energy levels, dry eyes, dry nose and gums, and poor skin elasticity. There’s a longer list of why kibble is bad for your pup. But we think you get the idea.
Fresh Dog Food Alternative #2: Raw
Many health-conscious dog parents have made the switch to raw dog food diets. The best raw dog food is made with high-quality proteins, fresh vegetables, and healthy berries. This provides a healthy dose of some important antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in an appetizing package for your pup. And best of all, raw dog food doesn’t have any of the negatives that come from a kibble diet. Great! Right? Well, it’s definitely better than kibble. But although the best raw dog food is better, it still has it’s problems.
For one thing, many raw dog food services use misleading advertising to sell their products as higher-quality than they really are. In order for a raw dog food diet to be good for your dog, it has to be made with premium-quality meats and fresh vegetables. Many of these brands make claims that are ambiguous, hiding the fact that their stock is not what it seems.
For another thing, raw dog food spoils very quickly. When this happens, it can be dangerous to both you and your dog. Raw dog food also has been questioned regarding the nutritional balance it gives your dog. Bottom line, even the best raw dog food could be harmful to both your pooch and yourself. Consensus: It's just not worth the risk.
Our Top 3 Fresh Dog Food Services
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  • Only real foods, human-grade
  • USDA-kitchens for safety and quality
  • Meals are all AAFCO, vet-approved
  • Only caters to dogs
  • Limited selection of recipes
  • Packages can’t be resealed
The Farmer’s Dog is an honest and sincere pet food delivery service with one goal in mind: delivering healthier, more nutritious meals to dogs all over the country. With human-grade, all-natural ingredients and nutrients packed into every vet-approved meal, The Farmer’s Dog is accomplishing its goals swimmingly. Not to mention the free shipping, fast deliveries, and easy online ordering process. The Farmer’s Dog offers meals starting at just $2 a day and three different flavor options. So, both pet parents and dogs are going to love the whole The Farmer’s Dog experience.
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  • Vet-formulated, personalized meals for your dog
  • Human-grade ingredients, freshly cooked recipes
  • 50% off first box & Two-day free delivery
  • No a la carte ordering
  • Only available for dogs
  • Not individually-wrapped
Ollie is one of the best changes you can make to your dog's lifestyle. With healthy ingredients that are fit for human consumption, superfoods packed into every bite, and appetizing options like chicken, beef, and lamb, your dog will show obvious positive differences in just a short time. Ollie offers free two-day shipping, and for as little as $2 a day, your pup can be living a healthier, fuller life.
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  • Fresh-frozen and innovative Fresh dry™ meals
  • Personalized plans by veterinary nutritionists
  • 20% off first order & free shipping
  • Not a lot of variety in meals
  • Not a lot of information on the website
  • Only available for dogs
Spot & Tango is an excellent choice for pet parents who want to give their dogs a healthier, more natural diet. Meals are made with premium-grade ingredients, only fresh proteins, vegetables, and fruits, and absolutely no additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings, or fillers. Spot & Tango offers meals at just $1, making it an affordable option. And the Topper Plan ensures that anyone can give their dogs the health benefits of eating a natural diet.
Why Fresh Dog Food Brands Will Make Your Pooch Smile
Ok, so we know why other types of dog food aren’t that great for your pup. But honestly, is all of the hype about fresh dog food really true? Or is it just another way to sell something new to caring pet parents? Let’s take a look at the numbers.
According to some studies done by researchers at Purdue University, just adding fresh vegetables to your dog's kibble actually reduced and prevented cancer cell growth by a staggering 70%-90%. It is no secret that cancer is one of the leading causes of death for dogs over the age of 10, making this a profound discovery.
As if that weren’t enough to get you to switch post haste, here are a few more benefits that the studies have found resultant from a fresh dog food brand diet.
Immune system boost
There are tons of rich vitamins and minerals in fresh fruits and vegetables, including vitamins A and C, natural antioxidants, and let’s not forget the zinc you get from the meats that are used in the best fresh dog foods. All of these are terrific boosters for your dog’s immune system. By the way, this will also translate to fewer vet visits because your pooch will be healthier all around.
Better digestion
Processed dog foods have all sorts of fillers that are terrible for your dog's digestion, including genetically-engineered corn and high starch legumes. The best fresh dog food is designed with your dog in mind, obviously. That means the meals have food that is easily digested by a dog's digestive system, including ingredients that are meant to be digested by canines. Fresh food is natural and easier on your dog's digestive tract, making it a safer, healthier option. Plus, by switching to a fresh dog food diet, you'll see an almost immediate improvement in your dog's bowel movements. Waste will be cleaner, have less offensive odors, and fewer since food is being digested properly (i.e., all of those great nutrients are being absorbed), and there's none of the garbage that you find in most processed dog food.
Softer coats
What’s more, fresh dog food can significantly improve your dog’s coat and skin. A growing number of dogs are experiencing skin irritations, rashes, and even dandruff. Most people assume these are caused by allergens in the air, but usually, this is not the case. Rather, veterinarians are seeing an increase in skin irritations due to the highly processed dog foods that many people feed their dogs.
Fresh dog food diets have great ingredients to help dry, itching, or irritated skin, including essential fatty acids, the likes of omega 3, 6, or 9. These are like giving your parched lips a big drink of refreshing water. Fresh dog food will leave your dog's skin more hydrated and their coats shinier and softer than ever.
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Better weight maintenance & longer life expectancy
What's more, fresh dog food diets have been shown to help dogs maintain a healthier body weight. Within the first weeks of starting a fresh dog food diet, pet parents have reported an increase or a decrease in their dog's weight, in accordance with what was the healthier way to swing. According to veterinary nutritionists, maintaining a healthy body weight helps increase your dog’s life expectancy by 20%. That means you’ll have more time to cuddle, run, and play with your favorite pal.
According to the studies that have been done, you can expect to find a better range of motion, even in senior dogs, and more playfulness within a few weeks of switching to a fresh dog food diet.
What’s the Best Fresh Dog Food Brands?
Answering to the much-needed call, fresh dog food delivery services are sprouting up in numerous places. Be aware, not all are as good as they claim. Luckily, there are top quality fresh dog food brands like The Farmer's Dog, Ollie, and Nom Nom.
What's more, the best fresh dog food delivery services will actually help you create a personalized diet plan based on your dog's profile (weight, age, breed, etc.). This way, you'll know that your pup is getting exactly the right nutrients they need. And the top fresh dog food delivery services will bring the goods straight to your door, give you recurring subscription plans, and allow for flexible delivery schedules. Fresh dog food delivery is the way to go for any pet parent who truly loves their dog. Make the switch and see the difference it makes in your dog's life.
When to Start Feeding Fresh Food to Your Puppy
Puppies should be fed fresh food during weaning, around 3-4 weeks after birth. The sooner a puppy is weaned off their mother’s milk, the easier it is for the puppy to become accustomed to proper food (and the sooner the mother can return to health). Freshly cooked food is even more important where puppies are concerned, because raw food may contain pathogens that can easily overcome a puppy’s poorly developed immune system. The other thing to be aware of is that puppies need calories, lot of calories. According to the National Research Council of the National Academies, a 10 lb puppy of a small to medium-sized breed needs 990 calories per day, the equivalent of a 30-35 lb adult active dog and more than double what a 10 lb adult dog needs. A fresh food puppy diet should contain a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fats.
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